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July 19, 2010
Women’s bodies are built differently than men’s bodies. This means that women’s shoes, pants and even women’s socks are constructed to fit women’s unique proportions.

February 19, 2010
Whether women are ice skating, skiing, playing ice hockey, snowboarding, or simply running on the treadmill at home, the right support is important to fully enjoy all winter activities. Simply walking on ice and through snow can be stressful...

January 27, 2010
Women risk any number of strains, sprains, and injuries while working in their gardens, but by using braces designed specifically for women’s bodies such as the ones made by Wellgate for Women, women are able to help reduce their pain...

November 03, 2009
Female baby boomers are applying their characteristic creativity and individuality to the problem of their changing bodies, and are supporting their ankles, wrists, and knees with Wellgate braces and supports made specifically for the female form.

October 29, 2009
Video games get more athletic every year, but with the rise of high impact video game machines like the Nintendo Wii comes the higher risk of repetitive motion injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. Women are much more likely to suffer wrist injuries

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