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Wellgate for Women Provides Support for Athletes and Winter Sports

February 19, 2010
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (February 19, 2010): Whether women are ice skating, skiing, playing ice hockey, snowboarding, or simply running on the treadmill at home, the right support is important to fully enjoy all winter activities. Simply walking on ice and through snow can be stressful for women’s limbs and require the right support to help prevent injury and fractures, such as the specially-designed braces crafted by Wellgate for Women.

“From cross-country skiing to speed skating, active women should have the best support possible in order to perform at their best,” said NYC Physical Therapist, Megan Barclay. “Winter sports can be utterly brutal, and Wellgate’s braces and supports can give women the edge they need to win, or just have a good time, on the slopes and in the rink.”

Braces and supports made for men simply don’t do the job, as women’s bodies respond to stresses and pressures differently as a result of different body structures. For instance, women are more susceptible to ankle injuries since they have narrower feet than men, and their heels – in particular – are narrower compared to the front of the foot.

“Winter sports such as skating and skiing are all about having the right equipment,” said April Elsinger, Brand Manager for Wellgate. “Our Ultra-Light Knee Support fits comfortably under clothes, is specifically contoured to fit women’s bodies and is available in various sizes, included Queen size. We want to see women do their very best and not have to worry about the fit of their equipment.”

“Women need support for their wrists, ankles, and knees and we provide special braces and supports for all three,” said Elsinger. “From snowboarding to curling to simply surfing the internet, we’ve got women covered where they need it most.”

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