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Nurture Your Wrists and Knees while you Nurture Your Garden

January 27, 2010
Wellgate for Women tailors ankle, wrist, and knee braces specifically to women’s bodies

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (January 27, 2010): Women risk any number of strains, sprains, and injuries while working in their gardens, but by using braces designed specifically for women’s bodies such as the ones made by Wellgate for Women, women are able to help reduce their pain and support their joints while still enjoying all the peace and relaxation that a garden brings.

“Traditionally, braces and supports have been designed to fit men, even though women have vastly different body proportions,” said Megan Barclay, a NYC physical therapist. “Braces that don’t fit simply don’t provide the same support, and women should make sure to use the best-fitting braces while gardening to support their ankles, wrists, and knees.”

Women are much more likely to suffer from many kinds of joint problems than men, including arthritis and ankle sprains. Most women know to protect their skin from the sun and their hands from thorns while working in their gardens, but when it comes to protecting their joints, they don’t know that there are better options available than braces engineered for men’s bodies.

Wellgate for Women specifically tailors braces and supports to fit women’s special proportions, using the highest quality materials and breathable fabrics to create stylish, strong products. In the same way that flowers need proper care and attention, such as the right food, soil and sunlight, women’s bodies need targeted, specific attention.

“Gardening is a high impact sport,” said Barclay. “There is so much reaching, bending, squatting, and pulling that it can be very hard on a person’s body without them even realizing it. You may garden all day long and only start to feel it when you lay down to sleep, but by then it’s too late.”

If braces and supports are too loose or don’t fit correctly, there’s a good chance they won’t function to help relieve pain, and no amount of bending or tightening will make supports designed for men fit properly on women.

Women’s body proportions differ from men’s in many critical ways. For instance, women’s knees angle toward each other more and women have narrower wrists, ankles and feet. This is the reason that shoes and clothes for women are constructed differently than those for men, and supports should be as well.

“Wearing proper supports can support ligaments,” said Barclay. “Correctly-tailored ankle, knee, and wrist supports can help prevent injury while gardening, and can help the recovery process after an injury has occurred. With Wellgate, women can nurture their bodies while they nurture their gardens, helping both to flourish.”

Visit to learn more about Wellgate products. Wellgate products are available at Wal-Mart and other retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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